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"Commitment To Excellence"












I Searched For Glory... And Did Not See. I Searched For Victory... And Victory Eluded Me. I Searched For TEAMWORK And Found All Three!

Author: Aristotle
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit"

Author: Bruce Lee
"The greatest mistake is to anticipate the outcome of the engagement, you ought not to be thinking of wether it ends in victory or in defeat. Let nature take its course, and your tools will strike at the right moment"

Author: Dick Vermeil "If you don't invest very much, Then defeat doesn't hurt very much, And Winning is not very exciting"

Author: General Douglas McArthur "Preparation and Execution are the Keys to Victory and Success"

Author: General George S. Patton "Accept the challenge, So you can feel the exhilaration Of Victory"

Author: Freebism "Almost means not quite. Not quite means not right. Not right means wrong. Wrong means the opportunity to start over again, more intelligently, and get it right"


"If At The End Of The Play, The Man You Blocked Is Still Standing, There's Room For Improvement"


"If You Score, You May Win But If They Don't Score, You Can't Lose"


Text on the Southwest corner of Memorial Stadium, Nebraska.
"Not The Victory But The Action; Not The Goal But The Game; In The Deed Is The Glory."

Jerry Kramer on the Agony Of Up-Downs (Grass Drills) as Adminstered by Vince Lombardi ------ You try to block out all the pain, all the gasping breaths, block it all out of your mind and function as an automatation. Just up and down and up and down and move and keep moving and when you feel like you can't get up, like you can't possibly make it, then you've got to get up. You've got to make it. You've got to think, "Get up." We did 70 up-downs this morning, and the only thing that kept me going was that I looked around and saw some of the other guys my age looking worse than me. Then I figured I wasn't going to die. We've never had anybody die during grass drills, but we had a rookie a few years ago who really could'nt bear the pain. "What do you do to stay in shape Krammer?" he asked me. "I can't take it." said the rookie. "you just have to push yourself kid", I said. "If you get a little pain, you just can't think about it. Keep on going. Don't stop.""But, man," he said, "I see visions out there.""what do you mean, visions?" I said. "Visions, man,"he said, "I see people walking around in the air." He got cut a few days later.

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